Light Roast


This is a natural process coffee, meaning that the coffee cherry is dried with the fruit still on the bean. This process of drying coffee often imparts a fruity or floral note to the coffee. Our Nicaraguan coffee is light and sweet with floral undertones and notes of lemon. 


Papua New Guinea

Medium Roast


Papua New Guinea coffee has consistently been one of our favorites ever since we began roasting. This coffee is a delicate balance between acidic notes of lemon and hops while also having smooth, dark notes of bakers cocoa. 



Spectrum Roast


Bali coffee is known for being a very smooth, low acid coffee. We roast our Bali coffee on a spectrum from medium to dark, meaning that it is equal parts medium, medium/dark, and dark roast beans. We've found that this method of roasting really draws out the nutty, earthy character of the beans, creating a cup of coffee that is extremely smooth and full of flavor. 



Medium/Dark Roast


Congo is one of our best selling coffees. It is a classic cup of dark roast coffee. We love it because it is rich, chocolatey, and dark without tasting burnt. It is great for espresso but also makes a lovely cup of coffee all by itself. 


Colombia Decaf

Medium/Dark Roast


This is a classic cup of Colombian coffee. Dark, smooth, and sweet with no outstanding flavors or notes, just a good normal cup of joe.